An architect, landscape artist, interior designer, decorator, and teacher, Amine-Jules Iskandar’s list of accomplishments is quite impressive. What’s even more impressive is his ability to capture old world architecture into his own designs.

Iskandar earned his BA in France and MA in Lebanon in architecture. He has designed restaurants, hotels, clinics, villas, buildings, offices, boutiques, country clubs, and apartments in Lebanon.

Seeking an old style home in Lebanon, Iskandar was unimpressed with what was offered, and the prices left little to desire. So Iskandar took matters into his own hands and decided to design his own villa using salvaged stones from torn down Lebanese homes, all for a mere $200,000.

The stones themselves date back a hundred years, so Iskandar was able to preserve that same old-style feeling into his design. Included in his treasure of antique finds are door knobs, doors, marble fountains, and archways.

This architect also adheres to the preservation of nature by designing structures that do not harm surrounding trees, but make them part of the designs.

Iskandar truly is a renaissance man looking into the future.

For more info – Amine-Jules Iskandar

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