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Displaced around the world

There are 45 million people displaced around the world.

Can we really comprehend that?

Well maybe if I tell you that’s more than the population of Canada.

Shocking? Absolutely.

Inspiring? Absolutely not.

How about if I tell you that Diar, a Syrian refugee in a camp in Iraq, started a tailoring business and in just two months was able to be financially self sufficient. Diar’s determination to succeed coupled with UNHCR’s support which provided him a place to stay and electricity to run his business made all this possible.

Uplifting? Absolutely.

Which is exactly why the UNHCR is furthering it’s efforts to publicize such stories with it’s launch of “Beyond Figures. A Collection of Refugee Stories”. A collaborative initiative between Brown Book and UNHCR Abu Dhabi. Available soon in bookstores across the UAE with all proceeds going to benefit UNHCR projects around the globe.

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