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Detecting Polluted Water Remotely

Imagine a way to safely and efficiently detect water pollution from your computer. The founders of Nilebot have figured out just that in Egypt.

Nilebot, still in its prototype stage, finds polluted water, and then transmits the information, including the location and area of pollution, to the water pollution monitoring system via a mobile network. What makes this project special is that the monitoring system does not depend on the sometimes-lengthy and time consuming process of collecting water samples and analyzing them. Nilebot does the analysis and transmits the information on the spot.

Among those that could benefit from this project, Nilebot founders say they’re aiming their product to a few industries: water providers; factories that produce or work with chemicals, since the Nilebot pollution probes can be replaced with chemical detecting probes; and government institutions, such as the Ministry of Environment, that focus on improving water pollution.

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