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Horses Teach Leadership

Horses can teach us a lot more than we can imagine. “Horses can read your heartbeat from quite a distance, they know when your heart and head line up and all they ask for is honesty,” says Tara Hamilton, who experienced horse work with TRUE. The horses give you instant and honest feedback, and by accepting this feedback you can effectively learn how to implement leadership, the main principle behind the TRUE Leadership Program.

Kelly Eide (in the photo), a consultant, leadership coach, life coach and an equine coach, founded TRUE to work with individuals and organizations who want to practice how to lead in a unique way. TRUE offers various coaching programs (mostly with horses) catering to different needs. According to Hamilton, “each session gives a different realization.” Her experience with Eide and TRUE led to her to the following truths, the need to  “believe in yourself, be in the moment, and be effective.”

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