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Lebanon Water Festival

Last year was the first Lebanon Water Festival, which is a sports festival that takes place along the Lebanese coast line. This year the festival will begin in September, and it promises to be a real adventure with activities like underwater diving, water skiing, sailing, surfing, and kite boarding.

The mission of the Lebanon Water Festival is to introduce Lebanon as a water sports destination to the international communities. The LWF is also a platform for raising awareness about the de-pollution of the Lebanese shoreline from the north to the south of Lebanon. They also aim to provide a powerful connection with the Mediterranean Union and European Commission.

Last year, the LWF was able to introduce to the world the amazing underground Phoenician city in Tyr, the only one of its’ kind.

This year the festival will include 5 new sporting events and clinics to provide lessons in water sports so people will know that all these sports are available in Lebanon. Also, for the first time in Lebanon, a nighttime water ski show with fireworks in the open sea will take place in Dbayeh.

LWF also works with Purple Reef, which is a NGO that aims to protect and conserve the Lebanese coastline and reefs. Their motto is to “Defend, Educate and Sustain” a healthy marine environment, with a specific focus on the waters of Lebanon. Their goal is to educate Lebanese people about their responsibility towards the sustainability of marine resources and to defend the underwater environment.

For more info – Lebanon Water Festival

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