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Serving up Smiles

Family Kitchen is a non-profit organization in Jordan whose goal is turning excess food into success.

Family kitchen uses untouched excess food from hotels and restaurant buffets that are normally thrown away, and remakes it into meals for needy families. They provide food equality for those suffering from hunger and starvation.

They also make food packages to distribute in the remote areas of Jordan. The package adheres to a 2,000 calorie intake per day for each person, which is required for a healthy diet. Besides distributing food, another important goal is raising awareness about the consequences of wasting food.

The Ramadan food packages were distributed in Mobes, Dlayl, Schnellar Camp, Wadi Araba, Southern Aghwar, Um Rassas, and villages around Madaba. In total, approximately 41,000 Iftar meals were distributed during Ramadan, as well as 464 food packages.

With the use of a refrigerated truck, Family Kitchen was able to provide an average 1,464 meals per day. A total of 11 hotels took part in food donation, and four bakeries provided bread and Ramadan sweets to the families in need.

Sponsors and donations were made by various businesses around the country. Family Kitchen volunteers helped wash dishes, raise funds, pack and distribute food.

For more info – Family Kitchen

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