The Reforestation of a National Symbol

Cedar trees have always been a proud symbol for the citizens of Lebanon. Cedar trees are considered in danger of being extinct in Lebanon.

Various groups such as Cedars Forever and Lebanon Reforestation Initiative are encouraging people to donate money and even adopt their own cedar trees in order to save these precious representations of Lebanon. These not for profit organizations hope to plant hundreds of thousands of cedar trees within the next ten years.

I received a lovely gift from my stepfather that looked like a gift certificate, but was actually a receipt commemorating a donation made in my name to plant cedar trees throughout Lebanon.

Touting many benefits, cedar trees are excellent for building homes, since they can defend themselves against rot, insects, and fungus that damage other trees. Cedar wood is also an excellent natural moth repellent, and it is odor free.

As the center point of the Lebanese flag, the cedar tree is synonymous with Lebanese citizens just as the bald eagle is synonymous with the United States of America. The cedar trees in Lebanon are endangered, but with reforestation movements, the trees can thrive and continue to be a cherished symbol for Lebanon.

For more info – Cedars Forever / Lebanon Reforestation Initiative

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