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Bridging Talents and Making Films

Independent film makers are on the rise in the MENA region, but seldom few are successful. Executive producer and director Zakir Hussain at Icon Art Production is trying to reverse that trend through Universal Film Makers.

What inspired you to create this initiative and what do you offer independent film makers in the region?

When I started my career in this industry there was no help or guidelines and it took lots of time and investment for me to understand the culture of the industry. We had a lot of student filmmakers approaching us for help in getting equipment and technical support, so we decided to start this non profit organization to help these filmmakers.

Is there a specific category of films that you are targeting? 

Any inspiring story with a social message could be a target.

In developing a platform where independent film makers are given the opportunities to produce great films, what has been achieved so far?

We have supported many Bollywood and regional movies but unfortunately, until now, have had limited access to local film makers.

Any food for thought for aspiring film makers in the region?

It’s not an easy journey but it’s a truly great feeling once you achieve it, so never give up on your dream.

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