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Improving the World through Discussion

Collaboratively trying to improve our world is an ideal that never gets old, and is worth living up to. UAE based Promise of a Generation (POAG), also known as the ‘accidental majlis’, has had a unique way of making that difference since 2009.

Through this platform for discussion and action on issues relevant to education, the environment, culture and heritage, serving the less fortunate, and family, POAG improves people’s understanding of the world and awareness of their responsibilities.

The point of the platform’s existence is not about changing the minds of others, “but to stretch our own, and have fun too,” shares one of the four co-founders Esther Tang. “We tap into our community’s existing sense of duty to understand and address life’s big and little challenges,” adds Tang.

POAG have also organized some international trips to Russia, China, Los Angeles, and Saudi Arabia, spreading their spirit of genuine curiosity, respect, and trust.

They are planning a panel discussion titled “behind the scenes at the Dubai International Film Festival” for late September at the Dubai Community Theater and Arts Center, but have yet to confirm the date.

“For our DIFF talk we aim to create a discussion which appeals to an audience beyond film industry insiders; to prompt students, entrepreneurs, bankers, teachers, non-profit workers, fashion designers, parents, and other members of our diverse community to think about the film industry in new and relevant ways,” says co-founder Adela Acevedo.

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