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Local Artists Create Ripples Beyond Imagination

Artist Shamekh El Bluwi’s work photographed by Omar Moussly

The Matal Street at Jabal Al Qalaa in Amman is forever changing, from a monochromatic setting to one that is easily recognized for its vibrant colors and works of art.

An Urban Reflection was sought out as “a project which would connect very talented creative practitioners to a community that was wonderfully rich in culture already and find a way to manifest these blossoming relationships into works of art,” explains curator and founder Nahla Al-Tabbaa.

This non-profit initiative is meant to address the many social, economical, environmental, and architectural obstacles facing the spaces around them in a collaborative community inclusive effort.

Constantly engaging the artists with their projects, Al Tabbaa saw their efforts baring fruit beyond what was imagined. The initiative was able to influence a change within the local art community and “inspire people to rethink their city, abandoned spaces, and its people.”

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Lama Saleh

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