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There’s No Mountain High Enough

Interview with UAE-based Palestinian Suzanne Al Houby whose reputation goes unmatched, as the first Arab woman to climb the 7 highest mountains in each continent and to summit 6 of them, including Mount Everest.

What inspired you on this journey of climbing? 

I was in Africa finishing a long safari and when I first glimpsed the snow capped Mount Kilimanjaro, I was mesmerized! I decided that I will come back to climb this mountain. When I stood on my first summit, I got hooked! The more I climbed the more strength I found in me and 11 years later of continuous climbing I stood on top of the world. Instead of settling to watching others live their dreams in their big adventures, I decided to live my own.

What thoughts came to you when you were on top of the world at Everest?

I knew that this was a larger than life moment, that I proved myself to the mountain, that I earned my summit, that I was proud, that history was being made. Most importantly I was grateful that I was alive and thanked Allah for all the strength He gave me.

Your fascinating background in adventure travel moved you to create Rahhalah Explorers. Could you tell us more about this initiative and what its trying to achieve? 

It is a call for individuals to backpack and get out of their comfort zone, to follow that adventure calling many of us and be rewarded to see the world in a very different way.

Any food for thought you would like to share with our readers?

Follow your dream as you live only once.

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