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When a person hears the words “hiking” or “trekking”, Lebanon is not usually the first place to come to mind, but one visit to the Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT) will change that.

In addition to providing a map of the trail and resources, the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (LMTA) engages in advocacy campaigns for stricter laws against environmental crimes, educational programs on conservation, and hosting events such as the annual “Thru Walk”, which is aimed at highlighting conservation, community development, and youth and education. The LMTA also publishes a magazine twice a year to highlight LMTA’s events and provide educational resources on conservation.

In October, the LMTA hopes to host a 6-day trek. More information including the event’s dates, will be available on LMTA’s Facebook page and website.

For more info – www.lebanontrail.org

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