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For The Love of the Homeland

At times, the most powerful way to introduce a struggle, a journey and a reality so others can empathize and relate is through the art of performance. Al Quds Group for Palestinian Folklore have been mastering such performances since 1982, with annual musicals and theatrical productions (with songs, dance and dramatical sketches) that reflect the Palestinian popular heritage, narrate its deep history and expose people’s voices against injustices. They come up with their own productions, using dabkeh, the traditional Palestinian dance, as the main tool to deliver these messages. Through the efforts of their 60+ volunteers, they were able to affect public perceptions and represent the Palestinian cause as they see it to a large audience in different countries, including Bahrain, Austria and Oman. This self funded group also appears on national stage in festivals and initiatives, using popular culture to instill a deeper connection to Palestine in people’s minds and hearts.

For more info – Al Quds Group Facebook page

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Lama Saleh

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