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Joining Hands In Solidarity

“People should never underestimate the power and beauty of giving back,” says Flea 4 Charity co-founder Jihad M’nasria.

Like many of those who live in the Middle East, M’nasria and her business partner Luz Vilamil both have friends who were deeply affected by the revolutions that swept the region. What sets them apart is how they’ve created an ingenious and effective way to help. They use local flea markets to sell secondhand items gathered from their communities, then put the money raised towards supporting those in need.

The old university friends and their growing team of six have raised funds in solidarity with those affected in Libya, Egypt and now Syria with an ongoing campaign that they run in coordination with the Red Crescent and The Studio Dubai to bring warmth to these refugees. They have also organized several campaigns devoted to causes within the UAE and East Africa.

Their commitment to make a difference has been an inspiration for others to follow on their footsteps. “We believe that we did inspire a lot of people in our community to join efforts with us in giving back,” confides M’nasria. “Some have actually started their own initiatives.” 

For more info –  Flea 4 Charity

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