Step One For Making Peace: Embrace Differences

For a radical approach to conflict resolution, understand the roots of conflict and embrace it with sympathy, keeping in mind that everyone processes traumatic issues differently.

Such strategies for building lasting social peace were at the core of a recent workshop led by Dr. J’lein Liese, a renowned figure in crisis resolution, and hosted by the Bahrain Foundation for Reconciliation and Civil Discourse. Held from January 9 – 10, the workshop aimed to convey new ways to confront conflict and interact with individuals with opposing ideologies.

Participants were specifically chosen by the BFRCD and included social workers, journalists, community leaders, and members of political parties. To demonstrate the need for tolerance, Dr. Liese conducted personality tests on participants to show how every person’s traits vary and must be considered, and they were then introduced to new ways of productively engaging with one another’s points of view.

After disputes had surfaced among participants, this lesson presented an excellent chance for them to apply new concepts—and by the workshop’s end, they were welcoming the results. The event was part of the BFRCD’s ongoing efforts to promote conflict resolution throughout Bahraini society.

For more info – BFRCDS’s website

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Noor Bahman

Writer & reporter with the Bahraini based magazines CO-EDS, Arabian Homes & Business in Gulf. Author of the -soon to be released- poetry book 'Solace.'

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