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Women Learn to Reflect Peace Outward

Nurturing a peace that starts from within, “Unbounded Woman” teaches women from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds ways to practice spiritual and emotional peace with themselves and others.

Under the slogan ‘Women Embrace Peace’, the workshop introduces concepts of social and inner peace and facilitates discussions of how to practice them in various circumstances. It also incorporates both Bahraini culture and relevant Islamic teachings to enhance its impact on participants raised on these values.

The workshop is one of many programs in conflict resolution hosted by the Bahrain Women’s Association for Human Development, which has worked since 2001 to create a platform enabling women, youth and others to work together towards positive social change. Now partnered with numerous other NGO’s such as UNESCO, the UNDP and WLP, its other programs include Be Free, which focuses on youth development and leadership, and the Environmental citizen, which promotes a greener lifestyle for Bahrainis.


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Noor Bahman

Writer & reporter with the Bahraini based magazines CO-EDS, Arabian Homes & Business in Gulf. Author of the -soon to be released- poetry book 'Solace.'

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