Students Learn by Leaping

Teach disabled athletes English in Adana, Turkey, educate high-school students in Kiev about globalization and market trends, or volunteer as a travel writer and photographer to promote tourism in Sri Lanka. These are just a few of the Leap projects created by Bahraini university students through the sponsorship of AISEC in Bahrain.

Every year, the program invites students to apply to work as interns abroad, then trains and sends the most qualified to less economically developed countries for a month of cultural immersion. Participants can choose Leap to teach, Leap to change and Leap to explore, in which they teach, organize programs of social awareness, or explore the country’s culture, people and issues in South Asia, North Africa and Europe, building life-long friendships as they discover.

Founded in 1948 by a small group of European students from seven countries devoted to promoting international peace, AISEC has since expanded to over 110 countries and several prominent leaders have participated in its programs.


For more info – AISEC’s website

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Noor Bahman

Writer & reporter with the Bahraini based magazines CO-EDS, Arabian Homes & Business in Gulf. Author of the -soon to be released- poetry book 'Solace.'

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