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Healing Painful Memories With Art

Visible harmony can heal invisible harm: that is the founding principle of Colors, a Nazareth art therapy center offering guided self-expression as medicine.

“The Arab world should believe in the crucial importance of expressive art as a good way to heal traumas, reduce stress and fear and increase self-awareness,” says Colors’ founder Rasha Bolus Majali. Through her eight years of experience as a social worker and art therapist, she realized that art can be an effective way to treat a wide range of patients–especially those unable to communicate verbally, such as children, addicts and autistic individuals.

Colors Centre, which will celebrate its first anniversary in March, provides supervised interactive art activities to members and students in local schools, helping them produce paintings, drawings, and sculptures that express hidden emotions and unconscious issues.

On October 23, the center sponsored an exhibition of images created by ten battered women who had participated in art therapy that reflecting both their sufferings and recovery. This month, it will launch a certificate course to train women as instructors and consultants.

For more info – Color’s Facebook page

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