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Old House Welcomes New Visions of Palestine

A Danish house in the heart of Ramallah’s old city? Well, to be precise, the house itself is Palestinian, with original 1920s colored glass, iron beams and floor tiles, and a garden where the neighbors come to socialize and hang their laundry. But the warm spirit of creative sharing it shelters is the fruit of many years of friendship between Danes and Palestinians, which was formalized in 2005 as Danish House in Palestine.

The NGO nurtures this creativity in many forms, from roving astronomy seminars and traveling tutorials in auto mechanics to a Danish-Palestinian culinary exchange and workshops in fashion design for aspiring locals.

DHIP also holds an annual Palestine Photo Marathon in Nablus, Jerusalem and Gaza City. This one-day event is designed to get beyond the stereotypical image of the Holy Land as a site of violence and conflict by inviting everyone to capture the daily human life of the place. Pictures from the most recent marathons are currently touring Denmark; meanwhile, in preparation for the next one, to be held on May 1, the house will host photography workshops, basic through advanced, taught by photographer Eduardo Soteras.

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