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How Virtual Travel Is Building Peace

Fasten your seat belts and close your eyes. You are about to embark on a journey to discover the world’s dishes, dances, rituals, and landmarks–without leaving home. At least not physically.

Through intercultural workshops and volunteers from across the globe, Safarni brings the experience of traveling to children who otherwise could not have it. And while doing so, they also learn about diversity and accepting other cultures.

“Traveling leaves you no choice but to submerge all your senses into the unknown. It’s the greatest mind-opener, as witnessing diversity on our planet allows us to question our way of life, and to accept that just because others live differently does not make them different as humans”, says the group’s co-founder Raphaëlle Ayach.

With their Safarni passports and boarding passes, kids enter an imaginary plane (in fact, a room) and are taken on a simulated travel experience with locals from different cultures as their guides.

It’s this valuable intercultural human contact that gives the experience its meaning. A lot of fear surrounds what we don’t know, and the more we know the less we need to fear”, Raphaelle affirms.

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Valentina Primo

Journalist, globetrotter, and determined idealist. Since Valentina left her home country of Argentina, she has searched for ways to build bridges between cultures and foster dialogue. Her previous work in international organizations in Italy and Germany fed her passion for the world of development, while her 8-year journalistic experience in Argentina and Egypt increased her curiosity for everything that challenges the stereotype. She holds a BA in Journalism and a Masters in Peace Studies with a specialization in Human Rights.

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