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No Truer Words Spoke-en: How a Bike Changed This Man’s Life

Abdullgader is 38. He came from Bangladesh to work as a plumber, but Dubai’s transport system takes up 40% of his salary, leaving little left for his daughter. Last January, however, a present changed his livelihood, his expectations and his lifestyle.

#Giveabike is an energetic initiative launched by Social Bandage and 1971 Team, two youth NGOs that partnered to help Dubai’s forgotten construction workers. Launched in December, the initiative has helped 87 laborers with cycling kits containing bikes, vests and helmets to cycle their way to work.

It´s not just about charity: these young Emiratis visit Dubai’s construction sites every Saturday to meet laborers, assess potential beneficiaries, and teach them about road safety.

“Delivering a bike means delivering a smile,” Social Bandage’s volunteers say. The campaign has taken off on Instagram and Twitter, where tens of pictures spread the joy of these new bike-enthusiasts through the hashtag #Giveabike.

For more information – Social Bandage and 1971 Team.

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Valentina Primo

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