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Pharell-Style Happy Videos Rock The Net: Top 6 Arab Moves

It may not have won the Oscars, but Pharell Williams’ “Happy” hit has proved to the world that there is nothing more contagious than joy. This viral revolution got to the Middle East, and we’ve selected the best remakes:

1. Jordan: Its spectacular choreographic moves, neat video production, and spontaneous dancers that spread joy through every pore make this one a definite winner. Our favorite scene? The two old men in red fez waving their coats as they dance ecstatically through the street. The video was produced by to the tune of 121,000 views.

2. UAE: Cosmopolitan as only Dubai can be, the video shows the best of the city’s urban landscape. International executives tip-toeing as they clap their hands wide open, 29 nationalities embracing the city’s colors from sunset to midnight, and breathtaking views of the Middle East’s most ambitious city make it a must-watch for morning coffee inspiration.

3. Egypt:  A young man dances to his guitar on top of a monument. A market seller hastily waves his balloons as he flashes a broad smile. A Bedouin dances as he awaits for the camels to being the ride. Egyptians may be famous for the Egyptian walk, but they sure can show the world how dance like an Egyptian, too. Produced by international student-run organization AIESEC across markets, street kiosks, sit-ins, pyramids, and the iconic Nile, these glimpses of Egyptian life will have you smiling for a good while.

4. Lebanon: Created by anti-bullying movement No Label, the video is fruit of the collaboration of amazing dance crew Spray Can Dance, and entertainment portal Beirut NightlifeFrom Beirut’s nightclubs to flower-bearing children in the streets, this genuine footage sends positive vibes flooding from the screen.

5. Jordan: For a giddy spin through Amman’s public spaces, including glittering night panoramas and drivers-turned-dancers in the middle of the street, this cover can’t be beat. Look out for the colorful leap-frogging and gleeful child-with-balloon.

6. Saudi Arabia: From the maestro of laughs and his brilliant team at Telfaz11 comes this hilarious spin-off into cultural vaudeville. Alaa Wardi’s homage to happiness features a loveable set of characters that will make you do a double take, then laugh out loud as you sing along to their antics.

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