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1,001 Nights Of Sand, Or The Biggest Sand Sculpture You’ll Ever See

If One Thousand and One Nights proves the power of fantasy to beat tyranny by crafting new worlds, Kuwait’s new sand sculpture park Remal Village bring those worlds to life.

The stories of Alladin and his magic lamp, Ali Baba and the forty thieves, Sindbad the Sailor and his seven voyages come alive as visitors stroll though the park, opened last January as part of Kuwait’s annual Proud to Be Kuwaiti (P2BK) expo.

Ingeniously modeled by Canadian sculptor Delayne Corbett along with 73 other sand artists, the gigantic sand statues (some as tall 15 metres) extend across 28,000 square meters, embodying 40 of the unforgettable heroes the young Sherezade narrated during each of the one thousand and one nights of the famous saga.

Featuring a light festival, fire shows and 30,000 exhibitors, the expo was kick-started by P2BK, a non-profit national organization established by a group of independent Kuwaiti youth with the dream of creating a space for young people to interact with the business world. 

For more info — P2BK’s website

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