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11 Artists to Add to Your World Music Day Playlist

From Algiers to Casablanca, Tripoli to Tunis, the streets are alive with music. Today is the World Music Festival (or Fête de la Musique), a French initiative that has spread to 340 cities around the globe. BarakaBits is happy to bring you some of the top acts playing today in the “NA” of MENA. 

1) Algiers, Algeria
Fast Facts: pop ~3.5 million; nicknamed El-Behdja (البهجة) or alternatively Alger la Blanche (“Algiers the White”) because of its sparkling white buildings that appear to rise from the sea. This is the first year Algiers has participated.

Féfé (rap/hiphop)
Compagnie Rassegna (world music)
Les Balochiens (new-wave popular)

2) Casablanca, Morocco
Fast Facts: pop ~4-5 million; the Port of Casablanca is the largest port of North Africa and is is one of the largest artificial ports in the world. Casablanca is celebrating with reggae.

Roots and kulture band: (only on Facebook)

3) Tripoli, Libya
Fast Facts: pop ~2.2 million; its first name was Oea, chosen by the Phoenicians who founded it in the 7th century BC. The main event in Tripoli focuses on jazz and world music.

Daniel Mille (accordionist): only on Facebook
Eric Longsworth (violoncellist): only personal website 

4) Tunis, Tunisia 
Fast Facts: pop ~2 million; it has one of the best museums in North Africa (The Bardo) which houses Tunisian antiquities — in a palace. Tunis is featuring a beach party.

Nawel Ben Kraiem
DJ Aly Mrabet

Do a search for “Fête de la Musique 2014” or “World music day 2014” to see what’s going on in your area! And if you feel like a little history, check out this short clip of “reporting from the street” during the first Fête in 1982. If you don’t speak French, there’s still enjoyment to be had with the background sights and sounds of Paris in the ’80s.

And that’s #goodnews. 

For more Information: Fête de la Musique; Institut Francais 

Some available social media for the artists:
Féfé: Facebook
Compagnie Rassegna: Facebook
Les Balochiens: Facebook
Tal’fine: also on Facebook
Roots and kulture band: (only on Facebook)
wachm’nhit: also on Facebook
Zebda: Facebook
Nawel Ben Kraiem: Facebook
DJ Aly Mrabet: Twitter 
Daniel Mille: Facebook

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