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Good News: Egypt’s Most Successful Startups Are Collaborative Platforms

Last month, as StartupRanking released the scores of Egypt’s 100 most successful startups, we were amazed to find a common denominator: their Top 10 are all websites that connect people to other people with the same needs.

Ranked among the Top 3 stands the country’s leading interactive forum Fatakat, where women can share tips, recipes, DIY ideas, and news. This user-generated platform engages 574,000 fans on Facebook and is followed by Arabhardware, the largest IT community in the MENA. Having started as an online forum, the platform is now considered the main source for IT-related people.

Egyptians seem to have also invented a new sector in the upscaling sharing economy: collaborative humor. As only in Egypt could happen, ranked in at number 8 is the hilarious Egypt’s Sarcasm Society, a platform for humorous self-expression where over 70,000 registered users create, share and read other user’s humorous comics every day.

In the 9th place comes BTCClicks, a web advertising platform for those using bitcoins, the world’s first decentralized virtual currency (that is, not dependent on any institution or government) that allows peer-to-peer transactions and a direct exchange of information.

The scores estimated by Startup Ranking are based on factors such as the number of web pages that link to the start up page, quality of external links, SEO, unique visitors and visit duration as well as power on social media.

For more information: Check out the full scores at StartupRanking.

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