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Fitness in Saudi Arabia: You Would Never Believe these Pictures Were Taken in the Gulf

Far from popular iconography and deeply connected to the imaginary of the Red Sea, a new phenomenon is giving Saudi Arabia’s second largest city, Jeddah, a new outlook on health.

When Mokhtar Chahine and Mohamed Dakhil began their fitness photo series, it was a matter of following intuition. “It was a spontaneous idea,” says Chahine. “We just decided to act in order to spread the message that there is beauty all over our city, and it comes to life through fitness and an active lifestyle.”  

With 17,600 followers and over 500 likes per photo, their Instagram series proved a success in tackling frequent misconceptions related to the ‘Saudi way of life’.

“We use what we love as the center stage to narrate two stories through the eyes of a passionate photographer and an active fitness professional: The message is simple: With the growing trend of residents becoming more health cautious and looking for new ways to lead an active lifestyle there is no better way than by being outdoors while enjoying the beautiful views of the city,” he adds.

For more information: Follow Mokhtar Chahine’s photo-projects on Instagram @mokophotography and fitness model Mohamed Dakhil at @modakhil

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