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Here’s To the New Consumer: How a Dubizzle User Is Changing the Way We Interact with Companies

Here’s the story of Rudi Reichert, a dubizzle user who stepped up, took initiative as a gatekeeper of unwanted ads, and redefined the passive consumer paradigm.

“He was constantly searching for reptiles to adopt, and as soon as he found out their commercialization is not allowed on the website, he became an active participant in helping us monitor and preserve animal rights,” dubizzle’s customer service supervisor, Salma Anabtawi, told BarakaBits.

Over the past four years, Reichert created over 6.000 reports via e-mail and even presented himself at the company to suggest more ideas to help further the cause. “Consumers like Rudi are like our guardian angels,” Anabtawi said.

Why I do it?” he says. “My principle is quite simple: If we all looked after each other, we would all live in a better society based on other values than selfishness; that is, without expecting something in return.” Reichert, an IT specialist, has found his skills a useful tool to actively volunteer in the company’s monitoring practices and help protect animal rights.  “It feels good to do something positive for others,” he says.

Recently, dubizzle joined forces with the Middle East Animal Foundation to stop the illegal advertising of animals for sale and to educate the public about pets. So cheers to the new active user. And more cheers for those to come.

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For more information: Check out dubizzle UAE’s website and follow them on Twitter at @dubizzle

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