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Ramadan in Yemen: Nostalgic Photos Take You Back in Time

Australian photographer Max Pam is known for his storytelling visuals that create an aesthetic unique to a person who invests time in understanding their subjects. In the late 1990s, the photographer visited Yemen and created a complex, nostalgic anthology of work. Traveling throughout the country’s various sites, from Sana’a to Taizz and Al Mukallah, Max used poignant photographs and mixed media pieces to tell a visual story of his experiences in a country steeped in ancient history.

Max’s unique style of combining photography with ephemeral notes and observations from his travels make the body of work even more intimate. The photographer commented on his time spent in Yemen, a time that is now forever frozen in his anthology of work: “What could I say about Yemen that did it justice. I tried in my journals to work it honestly… that hot, spare and beautiful Ramadan…The faithful waiting for the moment the cannon booms from the mosque in the afterglow of the day. KABOOMMMM and the frenzy of quat buying, tea drinking and food eating begins at the suqs and squares and oases and towns all over the country. Everyone happy, elated, laughing and joking, sitting down together as one nation… People always wanted me to share and be a part of their Ramadan, their community, their Yemen…That unforgettable Ramadan month. An experience freely given to me by the generosity of the Yemeni people.”

Max’s work will be on display at East Wing Gallery in Dubai starting today, until September 10. All photos in slideshow courtesy of East Wing Gallery.

For more information: East Wing Gallery, Max Pam Photography, East Wing on Twitter


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