TasmeemMe.com, a website founded in 2011 by Noor El Fadl in Jordan, began with the hopes of becoming a platform for creative individuals to connect to each other and to jobs. The idea was simple: Create a place for passionate designers, writers and illustrators to share their work, and connect them to others in the region in similar fields and to employers looking for the next talented individual.

TasmeemME has expanded to the entire region, and features the work of over 8,528 designers from Egypt to Iraq and everywhere in between. It has connected thousands of young talents to jobs and to each other, giving them a space to finally share and promote themselves. Now that the art scene in the Middle East is beginning to thrive, such venues are a crucial part of building their importance and allowing them to blossom. Whether your field is 3D animation or logo design, TasmeemMe is regularly updated and offers hundreds of positions for a variety of different talents. Create your online portfolio and see what you may find!

For more information: TasmeemME , TasmeemME on Twitter

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