10 Ancient Egyptian Words That Are Still Alive

The ancient Egyptian language is still alive, and many of its words are still used in modern Egyptians colloquial Arabic. Having been originally evolved from ancient Egyptian or from the intermediate Egyptian Coptic language, we listed a few below.

1) Tabtab “طَبْطَبْ” Coptic word that means fondle or patting.

2) Washwish “وَشوِش” Coptic word that means low voice or whisper.

3) Tannesh “طَنّش” – From the Coptic word “Tansha” which means forget or ignore.

4) Shibship “شِبشِب” – from the Coptic word “Sibsuep” which means foot size or slipper.

5) Barrah “بَرّه” – From the ancient Egyptian word “Barr” which means outside or get out.

6) Humm “هَمّ” – Ancient Egyptian word that means swallow or eat, usually used with kids.

7) Mumm “ممّ” – Ancient Egyptian word that means food, usually used with the kids too.

8) Embu “إمبو” – From ancient Egyptian word “Eb-Mo” which means “need-water” or thirsty.

9) Mezaqtat “مِزقطط” – From ancient Egyptian word “Zaqtat” which means cheerful or upbeat.

10) Halla “هالّا” – As in Egyptian proverb “Halla Halla from outside, and from inside nobody knows”, it means sweet or sweetness, and it’s the origin of the English word “Halvah”.

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Ahmad Cheiti

Egyptian article and script writer

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