4 Online Resources for Learning or Improving your Arabic

Language learning can be quite a challenge, and the older you get, the more difficult memorizing large portions of vocabulary or grammar rules can become. These online tools will make the process of learning one of the world’s most complicated languages much more enjoyable.

1) LiveMochaLiveMocha‘s goal is to connect language speakers and learners from all over the world. With an interactive platform that allows you to create a profile and list the languages you speak and the languages you’re learning, you’ll be matched with other speakers who are both native and learning aside you. The website offers language programs, blog entries, videos and practice conversations with a wide variety of language professionals, teachers, linguists and native speakers.

2) LearnArabicWithMaha – This is a language learning platform mostly in the form of YouTube videos by Palestinian language teacher Maha. Since its creation, the page has amassed a huge following of students from all over the world who want to learn how to read, write and speak Arabic. Maha also makes interesting cultural videos, teaching her viewers how to make tabbouleh, hummus and Arabic phrases you wouldn’t find in a text book.

3) ScolaScola is a great website for intermediate Arabic learners, as it offers Arabic television programs that teach a wealth of new vocabulary. This is particularly helpful for those who want to practice their accent or dialect, because the more you expose yourself to the sounds, the easier they become. It is also helpful to transliterate one of the videos into text, then record yourself reading it and comparing it to the speaker.

4) The Arabic Student – The Arabic Student is a true learning gem for several reasons. Started 4 years ago by an American who dedicated himself to learning Arabic, the blog offers the perspective of someone who didn’t speak Arabic natively, therefore is familiar with some of its complexities and difficulties from an outsiders perspective. This blog-turned-website offers unique lessons, ranging from colloquial terms in various Arabic countries, to step-by-step transliterated Syrian soap operas and music videos.

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