11 Words Only Iraqis Understand

Every Arab country has its own unique dialect with its own unique terms. Today we’ll be shedding some light on 11 words exclusive to the Iraqi vocabulary. If you’re planning on blending in with your Iraqi friends, try using these words instead:

  1. Muqtata (مقطاطة) – Iraqi school kids didn’t ask for pencil sharpeners, they’d ask for “Maqtata’s” instead.
  2. Timmen (تمن) – If you’re hungry for some Iraqi food, try ordering “Timmen” instead of using the regular definition for it: rice.
  3. Hacha’ (هجع) – Planning to party it up with some Iraqis? Then be prepared for some “Hacha’”, the word for Iraqi dancing.
  4. Quzzurqut (قزرقط) – This word is used when something bad comes from someone’s mouth, whether it’s a burp or a rude word.
  5. Togog Khali Togog (طگوگ خالي طگوگ) – This expression is used when someone gets a good or lucky deal in life.
  6. Hateh (حاتة) – If you see a very attractive woman, then she is totally a “Hateh”.
  7. Guss (گص) – I don’t know what you’re thinking, but “Guss” is the Iraqi word for shawerma.
  8. Choqlomba (جقلمبة) – A cool acrobatic jump is referred to as “Choqlomba” in Iraq.
  9. Haramat (حرامات) – This word is used to say “what a shame” or “regrettably”.
  10. Qarach (قرج) – This word generally means loud, though you expect old women to use it when describing loud children.
  11. Damaghsiz (دماغسز) – “Siz” means “you don’t have” and “Damagh” means brain. Put them together and you get “brainless”.


Do you know any other words that are exclusive to Iraqi dialect? Let us know in the comments before!

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