9 Ways You Can Help Little Salwa Achieve Her Dreams

Meet Salwa, a 9-year-old Palestinian girl who became Dubai’s bravest visitor. Salwa was born without an arm, but with many dreams to turn true. In 2011, as a Palestine Children’s Relief Fund member conducted field work in the West Bank’s city of Tulkarem, Salwa’s path and hers met; and this August, her journey to Dubai began.

Salwa is staying in UAE for two weeks and, while she awaits for her prosthetic arm, we got the chance to talk about her passion for dancing, her love for ice cream, strawberries and all things red, and her lifetime dreams. If you are in Dubai and want to help young Salwa, here are 9 hints for you to take action:

1. She loves being in the swimming pool; she can’t swim but she uses a lifejacket, so she might enjoy going to a water park or swimming with dolphins.

2. She would love to try Ski Dubai: she was amazed as soon as she saw it.

3. She likes to play with dolls, especially Barbie.

4. A room decorated with helium balloons? She loves it.

5. She fell in love with an IKEA mini kitchen set that she saw.

6. She also enjoys doing arts and crafts, like cutting shapes out of paper.

7. She likes cats.

8. She takes delight in picking her own dresses or new shoes and trying things on.

9. She likes it when someone does her hair.

If you want to help make one of these 9 wishes come true, contact Dunia Saed at, or visit the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund website.

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Valentina Primo

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