In an effort to beautify the timeworn streets of Cairo, a social enterprise known as Tatweer is launching its first project: Kiosk Uplift.

With over 4,900 kiosks in Greater Cairo, the Kiosk Uplift project aims to modernize these icons of Egyptian street culture by modernizing and unifying them under a single network authorized by the government. Tatweer hopes to install 600 new booths and equipping them with flat-screen TVs, built-in refrigerators and recycling bins to raise environmental awareness, all within the next four years.

The Kiosk Uplift project will also offer to renovate existing kiosks, without costing their owners anything. Tatweer aims to pay for and monetize by selling advertisements to sponsors. Red Bull and Coca Cola have already signed on as sponsors the project. The first five prototype kiosks are expected to be launched in Cairo’s Maadi district by the end of the year, according to Wamda.

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