Under My Olive Tree: Fostering Growth and Education in Jordan

Founded originally in 2008 by Jordanian Ali Dahmash, Under My Olive Tree began by collecting donations through various contacts and delivering them to underprivileged families in need. Seeing that the need for such a program was high, a blog was soon created in order to keep track of such cases and keep the community involved with ways of helping, donating and purchasing items for families. Through the blog, an educational fund stemmed out of the need for support for students who are unable to continue their education without financial support.

In 2012, the program was registered at the Jordanian Ministry of Industry and non-profit company based in Amman, Jordan. Now, the organization has branched out to four basic sections, being an education program, sustainable projects (micro-finance), humanitarian cases and volunteering in various fields. Under My Olive Tree’s educational programs aim to support university and school students who cannot afford to continue their studies without outside contributions. Seeking to assist highly-motivated students, Under My Olive Tree has several methods of supporting the students, including being the connection between sponsors who hope to adopt a student, collecting donations from individuals, partnering with companies and organizations that can adopt students throughout their educations, and to search and apply for various scholarships in Jordan for eligible students. UMOT also provides internship opportunities for students to garner work experience, and to learn necessary skills to participate in a competitive marketplace once completing their education.

And that’s #Peoplehelpingpeople. 

For more information: Get involved! Check out the Under My Olive Tree official website, Under My Olive Tree on Facebook, and @UMOTorg on Twitter

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