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Yislamoo: Combining Arabic Design with Sentimental Thoughts

With a humble start as a home-based office in Amman, Jordan, Yislamoo cards has now expanded to Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Palestine. Soon, the greeting card company will be releasing products to other countries as well. We list a few reasons why you should help them spread the word and join their crowd-funding campaign!

1) Sick of buying generic cards in other languages? Tired of settling on cards you don’t find aesthetically or sentimentally pleasing? Yislamoo’s team of Jordanian, Egyptian and Lebanese creatives work hard to make sure all of their cards are unique, visually-pleasing and will be something to keep and display proudly, not a card to read and toss in the trash.

2) In the Middle East, holidays, birthdays and weddings are all big deals and important reasons to celebrate. Yislamoo capitalizes on this by addressing everything from Eid to wedding anniversaries to even Tawjihi greeting cards so there is something for every occasion.

3) As a company, Yislamoo really cares for the environment. They print their greeting cards either as postcards or smaller sizes of normal greeting cards (reducing paper consumption by half), and use acid-free paper in addition to e-cards for those who choose to go completely paper-less.

4) In terms of Arabic language products, Yislamoo is the most comprehensive provider in terms of their range of items anywhere in the Middle East.

5) Run by the passion of the owners and founded in late 2011 with seed capital from family, Yislamoo ensures that their products are all original, thoughtful and made with respect to the environment.

Now that’s a creative venture we can get behind.

For more information:  Yislamoo official website, Yislamoo on Facebook, Yislamoo crowd-funding on Eureeca

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