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Save the Date: Malafat Band Brings Experimental Gigs to MENA

Hashem Kelesh, also known as Dijit, may remind you of Dadaist pioneer Marcel Duchamp. He does not consider himself an artist, he does not name his songs, and he does not call his creations music at all. Dijit recognizes no convention and breaks all patterns: in his own definition, he is just making “noise”.

After releasing his first album in 2010, he joined forces this year with Aly Talibab to form Malafat, a duo that pushes the underground limits with words and sounds. Fragments of street conversation, movie sound bites, and electronic sounds make up experimental music whose dark lyrics are intended to scandalize. “Beauty? I don’t even know what that means, but what I know for sure is that real things are ugly, sadly,” Dijit says.

The duo released their first album in only two weeks and began their independent tour across the Middle East last September in Beirut. They will be having album release gigs will be also joining other local musicians in jam sessions and open mic across Jordan, Tunisia, and back in Egypt next November.

“The shows are made in a way that we engage the audience, trying to get them out of their comfort zones so they experiment a new form of music shows,” explains Dijit. This Tuesday 7th, they will perform at Bonita’s Restaurant in Amman.

For more information: Check out Dijit’s soundcloud profile and follow his tour across the Middle East on Malafat’s Facebook Page.

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