Promoting and Sharing Culture at the Amal Women’s Center

Three weeks ago, we wrote about the Amal Women’s Center located in Marrakesh, Morocco, that works to aid local women become empowered, proactive and productive members of society through training courses, workshops and a small restaurant that serves locals and foreigners alike. Yesterday, the center also held an event for local Moroccan poet, writer and musician Aziz Baali, which was open to the public. Baali performed in the Center’s garden along with his daughter, and the event was attended by about 100 locals and foreigners. The Center hopes to continue to work with other artists and groups to promote and host events that will share and preserve local art and culture.

If you’re living in or planning on visiting Morocco, be sure to check out Amal Women’s Center. 

For more information: Amal Women’s Center Official site, Amal Women’s Center Facebook

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