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How This Woman Started a Successful Business In a Place You Think There Is Only War

“We’re now fully booked for April 2015,” Amira Izruna announced on her blog early this month. While disillusionment and insecurity pulls more and more people away from Libya, the young photographer moved back to Tripoli and experienced an unexpected success.

The young entrepreneur started off as greeting card designer in England, but found an unexplored niche as she relocated to Libya and began doing event photography. “The younger generation of Libyans are starting to look for more natural shots of their special days, and this is surprisingly very hard to find here as the photography offered is out-dated,” she tells Barakabits.

Amira foresees plenty of new startups rising to fill the existing gaps in the market. “My clients often come to me traumatised by their pre-wedding celebrations, as their photographers dominated the event. I really believe the standards of customer service are going to be raised,” she says. 

Her photography business Amira Made kicked off after Ramadan this year, when the petrol crisis and the unrest at Tripoli airport sunk the country into violent turmoil. “Part of me knew I was going to have to accept these problems and try to overcome them. But I never felt any real danger once I had moved,” she admits. “So many of my clients chose to keep living normally and celebrating their weddings, parties and engagements, so why could I not do the same?”

For more information: Visit Amira’s blog and Facebook page.

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