The Yemen Peace Project

The Republic of Yemen has been an often misunderstood country to most foreign countries, particularly in light of the political, social and humanitarian crises that faced its people in 2010. In response to this, the Yemen Peace Project, a nonprofit organization, was established that year with the aim of spreading awareness on the real Yemen.

The organization hopes to improve the international community’s understanding of Yemen, by providing detailed information on its issues, enabling more understanding communication between Yemen and the outside world, and create opportunities that will allow Yemeni voices to be heard.

The Yemen Peace Project aims to achieve these using three specific programs: Research and Analysis (which contributes to the public knowledge on Yemen through commentary, professional analysis and journalism), Artistic Outreach (whereby art is used to bridge the gap between Yemeni culture and the world) and Advocacy Programs (which connects Yemenis with policy makers in the international community).

Stay updated on the Yemen Peace Project by checking out their blog and podcast, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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