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Bringing “Two” Cultures Together Through Literature and Poetry

Created to bring two cultures closer together, the Two Project is a Hebrew-Arabic bilingual site that posts contemporary poetry and literature. Every month, Two will introduce two young writers, one Palestinian and one Jewish, to post their work in Arabic and Hebrew on the website. The site, which can be found here, will also include interviews with writers and a discussion board in which readers will have the opportunity to ask the writers questions and discuss with others online. Along with the website, the project will publish an anthology of Arabic-Hebrew works through Keter Books. They will also host meetings to talk about youthful and contemporary literature and poetry in the two languages, writing and translation workshops, and more.

This initiative was created by Tamar Weiss, Tamer Massalha, and Almog Behar with the hopes of being able to promote intercultural dialogue in Palestine and the greater Arab world through reading. By making the works accessible to the public and promoting vivid dialogue online, the project creates its own intercultural community of readers and writers. Two attempts to bring the beauty in both cultures closer by ending the cultural, language, political, and physical barriers usually present between them.

For more information: Check out their website, 2Project, or give them a like on Facebook!

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