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Flashback Friday: Recollecting the Arab World’s Diverse Past

It is every Arab’s responsibility to document the beautiful and rich history of our people, places and culture. With the Arab world brimming with cities, towns and architectural landmarks turning to dust, all that remains are the memories and stories of our elders. They stand as our national treasures. In their stories are the gems of our rich, diverse, peaceful, beautiful and simple past. Now more than ever, it is critical to document their lives, the stories of where they lived and how they lived, their friends, the places they visited, their traditions, values and flood digital channels with their narrative. These photos give a glimpse into into the rich history of Damascus, the oldest continuously inhabited city on Earth, and one that is filled with diversity and ultimately, pride.

Do you have an elder in your family that has amazing stories to tell? Or images of the Arab world from the past? Share them with us at and we will publish your stories/photos!

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Rama Chakaki

BarakaBits Founder & Chief Optimist

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