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Forget About the Charity Report: Here’s How NGOs Make a Difference in MENA

How can we make a fact-focused annual report that is as informative as it is compelling? The question sparked a whirlwind of potential answers at the Hani Qaddumi Scholarship Foundation’s headquarters in Amman, giving birth to the first social annual report ever produced in the Middle East.

Intensely graphic, interactive, and social media-friendly, the report was designed by BarakaBits’ sister company Baraka Advisors and Perspective, in a compelling example of how NGOs make a difference in MENA: “Our 2013 annual report was all about engaging our community as it involved efforts from our current grantees, alumni and donors across several countries,” says HQSF’s Executive director Rana Diab.

The document was produced through the engagement of the foundation alumni, which actively took part in the drafting of articles, data gathering, and photo sessions, carried out by Sami Haven. “The fact that it’s one of the first social online annual reports in the Middle East reflects HQSF’s commitment to its stakeholders as well as commitment to transparency and accountability. We hope to continue building in this direction for the coming years,” says Diab.

For more information: Visit the Foundation report webpage and follow them on Facebook.

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