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This Historic City in Yemen Might Be a UNESCO World Heritage Site

You may have not have heard of Jibla village, but it was once the capital of Yemen during the rule of Arwa bint Ahmed Al-Sulay of the Sulayhid dynasty in 1067. Located six kilometers from Ibb city in Ibb province, Jibla’s beautiful architecture and ancient designs make the village a prime contender as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Ministry of Culture in Yemen believes the honor would greatly benefit Jibla and its residents, improving their income and reviving the village’s economy, and has begun efforts to preserve the city’s rich history to meet UNESCO requirements.

The Ministry of Culture is working with the governor of Ibb, Jibla’s local authority and an engineering team from the German Agency for International Co-operation, conducting studies to assess the situation, find faults, violations and blemishes in the infrastructure, and the repairs required for the village’s homes, historical mosques and landmarks. Awareness campaigns  across Yemen encouraging the locals to support preservation efforts have also been launched. By halting unlicensed construction and bringing back handicrafts art, the ministry also hopes to reinstate the city’s cultural identity.

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