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Sharjah Book Fair: A Book Lover’s Bliss

Located in the third largest city in the UAE, the Sharjah International Book Fair is back for its 33rd year—or “chapter” so to speak. From now until November 15, the fair will be home to thousands of books and the largest, most exciting literary expo in the Middle East. The Sharjah Book Fair began with the phrase “For the Love of Written Word” and these words have inspired and entered into the lives of millions of literature lovers.

With the aim of promoting literature and culture in the Arab world, Sharjah Book Fair holds the finest books at an affordable price from over 1000 publishers. An avid reader can find Arabic, non-Arabic, children’s, and electronic books. Along with their books, some of the world’s most celebrated authors can be found here. The fair is also packed with cultural activities, a children’s festival and even cooking demonstrations.

Sharjah will broaden your horizons and expose you to a new world of books, traditions, music, and contemporary creativity. So, if you’re in town, head over to the Sharjah Expo Center before it’s gone. It’s a must-do for literature lovers!

For more information: To see a list of cultural activities, visit here and for overall information on the book fair visit their website or get updates via Facebook.

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