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Short Film “Baghdad Messi” Shortlisted for the Oscars

Iraqi director Sahim Omar Kalifa’s short film, Baghdad Messi is now on the shortlist for Best Live-Action Short Film Academy Award.

Baghdad Messi was written by Sahim Omar Kalifa and Kobe Can Steenberghe, and tells the story of one-legged Hamoudi, a huge Lionel Messi fan. On the eve on the Champions League final between Manchester United and FC Barcelona, Hamoudi’s television breaks down, but he manages to convince his dad to take him to Baghdad and get it fixed.

The 19 minute film reportedly cost 130 thousand dollars to produce, with funding from the UAE, Iraq and Belgium. Baghdad Messi has already been awarded 46 prizes from around the world in more than 150 festivals.

Check out the trailer for the film here:

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