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Attention Young Syrian Entrepreneurs: This is a Competition for You!

Jusoor, an NGO network aiming to support Syrians through education and personal development, launched an entrepreneurship competition earlier this month. The first initiative of its kind, the competition hopes to get young Syrian entrepreneurs to think about business plans and to present them. Aiming to create an innovative, supportive community that will help the entrepreneurs grow, Jusoor seeks to highlight challenges for start-ups in addition to helping the youth think of ways of overcoming them. The winners will participate in the Entrepreneurship program, which will aid the winners in developing business plans through the role of mentorships, incubation programs, support and funding.

The application process is divided into three phases, and in February 2015, three winners will be announced at Jusoor’s Annual Global Conference held in Los Angeles, California. Those top three winners are rewarded generously with the funds to be able to back their own projects. The winning startups should have business ideas that have tremendous potential for growth that will impact the job market and boost economic and social development. Three select startups will also win the chance to attend a three-week Oasis500 bootcamp in Amman. 10 qualifying entrepreneurs will also have the opportunity to attend the bootcamp, which is a great chance for them to secure investment for their ideas if they win over the team at the Oasis500 think tank. On February 21, during the Jusoor Annual Global Conference, 15 teams with the highest social network scores will pitch their ideas to a panel of jurors during our annual conference, both online and offline.

  Jusoor’s ultimate goal, and challenge, is to be able to identify entrepreneurs with passion and innovative plans that could ultimately benefit Syria on the whole. If you are interested in applying, there is still some time left. Fill out the startup application form here

For more information: Visit Jusoor’s home page and learn more about some of the projects and activities they run to build a better future for Syria.

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