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You May Think this Yemeni Video Is Sad. But One Phrase At the End Will Change Your Mind

The melody of our alienation” seems a melancholic symphony filled with despair.  The streets of Sana’a, the scars of war, the agony of the past, and the relentless desire for best days to come. But then there is that hurricane that “will tear down the darkness of her day.” 

With beautiful scenery and a suggestive composition that brings to life the poems of Abdulaziz Al Maqaleh, this lyrical video was created by  in an effort to remind its citizens of the resilience of Sana’a and spread a message of hope.

“Sana’a is experiencing turbulence yet again, and its winds carry melodies of estrangement making its inhabitants feel like strangers. Today they wait in fear and caution of the unknown. Yet, Sana’a’s resilience cannot and will not be demolished. It continues to love its people, and maintains the conviction that the sun will rise again,” the organization states in their #SupportYemen social media campaign.

You may think this Yemeni video is sad. But hurricanes know nothing about predictions, politics or war. And like a revolt, “it shall one day wash away her drought.”

For more information: Join the campaign through the hashtag #SupportYemen and follow them on Twitter @Supportyemen

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