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Palestinian Descent? The Palestinian Museum Is Collecting Stories Like Yours

As it gears up for its inaugural exhibition, the Palestinian Museum is calling Palestinians living in the diaspora – from Lebanon to Chile and the USA – to contribute to its inaugural exhibition called ‘Never Part’.

“To Never Part sounds like a resolution,” reads the call for contributions, which asks people of Palestinian descent to send images of the objects they choose to keep close in order to symbolically reduce distance. The exhibition, which will be displayed in April 2016, contains 200 interviews from Palestinians abroad, according to Electronic Intifada.

Organizers hope that Palestinians living in the USA – a country underrepresented in the exhibit so far – will be inspired to send proposals where their objects and the projected meanings become part of a transnational network. Entries are accepted until December 30.

For more information: Visit the Palestinian Museum website, or send an e-mail to

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Valentina Primo

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