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Takki: Best Drama Series Coming Out of Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is not known for film and TV production, but the young generations have found their haven on YouTube, where they share and create the content they would like to watch themselves. And Takki is one of those creations that turned out to be genius.

Takki, which means “to sit/bow down”, is a web series that revolves around the lives of 6 young Saudis and the problems they face during their daily lives. The series is directed by 24 year-old Mohammad Makki who does an excellent job reflecting the true image of what it is like to be a young person living in Saudi Arabia, and in Jeddah specifically.

Takki currently has one season with 14 episodes; each episode is around 15 minutes long and is exclusively on YouTube. The show has already attained eye-popping numbers as the official channel has over 500,000 subscribers and each episode has at least +2 million views!

The Uturn show is not just entertainment to Makki; he believes in a bigger purpose for the series. “We want to bring our culture to life and narrow the gap between our different backgrounds in Saudi Arabia and, at the same time, show our Saudi society to the world. To show women wearing hijab, praying, Saudi youth problems and issues and narrow the gap between different mindsets as well as give an image about our culture in a jovial way,” he said in an interview with Arab News.

What is your favorite web series in the Arab world? What did you think of Takki? 

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